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Welcome to Swing Jive Entertainments, the home of quality entertainment and event services. Our primary focus is in promoting the popular music from the roaring twenties of the last century through to the 1940s and ending in the 1980s. As well as promoting the original music, we also seek to promote the many professional working artists, musicians and bands that create the music live, so that we can continue to enjoy quality performances at Theaters, Music Festivals and the various events depicting the 1920s, 1930s 1940s and more vintage gatherings through to the 1980

Our products include the world famous internet based 1940s UK Radio Station that broadcasts the original music, news and radio shows that helped people through the darkest hours of the second world war. As the producer of the station, Shaun Moncaster decided not to try and reproduce or re-enact the broadcast styles, believing it would be best to use a high percentage of original broadcast material. This has been proven to be the winning formula that has gained worldwide appreciation. We do, however, feature on the station's playlist carefully selected recordings from high quality modern day artists who authentically recreate the music of the era.
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If you are looking for entertainment for A Vintage event such as a Vintage Air Show or a 1940s Air Show we can offer our 'Our Swing Jive Disco' as the focal point for the entertainment and we can provide links in between bands and singers and provide music between sets. The advantage we offer is the use of our outstanding PA system for all of your booked entertainers ["1940's" "themed dance"] use saving set up times and dead time between sets.

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